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so you've decided to....
Go for a Ride!

Road Rides are an awesome and rewarding experience. They can also be a bit dangerous.
All our rides are ride at your own risk. If you'd like to build your own ride please follow this link USATF.

The 608 ride

From Rockfish Gap Outfitters

  • Head west on East Main St./250

  • Stay to the right after crossing Delphine Ave. (watch for traffic!) then stay right onto East Broad St. (.75 miles)

  • Right onto North Poplar Ave. (1.8 miles)

  • Left onto Ivy St. (there's a 7-11 on the left) (2.1 miles)

  • Continue through light at Hopeman Parkway and take first left onto Guilford Ln. (2.75 miles)

  • At the bottom of the hill, Guilford hooks right and turns into Old White Bridge Rd./795 (2.9 miles)

  • Old White Bridge Rd. turns into Entry School Rd./795

  • Stay on Entry School Rd. until it intersects Long Meadow Rd./608

  • Turn right onto Long Meadow Rd./608 (7.2 miles)

  • Long Meadow/608 turns into Battlefield Rd./608 after it crosses New Hope-Crimora Rd./612

  • Stay on Battlefield Rd./608 until it intersects Rockfish Rd./865

  • Turn right onto Rockfish Rd./865 (only direction you can turn) (17.25 miles)

  • Stay on Rockfish Rd./865 until it comes back into Waynesboro and intersects Hopeman Parkway (29.3 miles)

  • Continue straight onto Sherwood Ave.

  • Turn right onto Bridge Ave. (30 miles)

  • Turn left onto Florence Ave. (30.2 miles)

  • Florence eventually crosses the train tracks and hooks an immediate left (and steep but short downhill) onto Ohio St.

  • At the bottom of the short downhill, turn right onto North Wayne Ave. (31 miles)

  • Turn left onto East Broad St. (31.05)

  • Return to Rockfish Gap Outfitters via East Broad and East Main St. (finish at 32.3 miles)


Route 608 and Rockfish Road parallel each other for the most part and there are many connecting roads between the two, so this route can be modified to various distances. Check your favorite mapping service for alternate loops!

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