Our Kayak rental program is a great way to try before you buy.


The Skinny:

     $45.00 for any single person kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board. This includes your paddle and PFD (personal floatation device).


    $70.00 for any two person kayak or canoe. 2 paddles and 2 PFDs included.


     We are not a livery service or a guide service.  You must be able to provide safe transport for the kayak or canoe.  We have straps or rope you can purchase if you don't have these items. 


     We do not recommend using "bungee" cords. As they are likely to bounce and stretch during transport and potentially launch the kayak down the road. Nobody likes kayak missiles.


     When it is all said and done, if you decide to buy a kayak from us, within 30 days of the rental, we will knock off one rental fee for one boat from the price of your kayak.


     For example if you rent 2 single kayaks at $45.00 a piece for a total of $90.00, we will credit you $45.00 towards your new kayak.

If you rent two tandem kayaks for $70.00 a piece for a total of $140.00, we will credit you $70.00 toward your awesome new kayak.


                                      Please call us with any questions you might have at: 540-943-1461

                                                                     Reservations are not required but appreciated.